What Would It Take To Love Your Body?

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Includes a FREE Brain Training Recipe™ to Release Inner Critic Judgment

By Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

Years ago if someone had asked me the question “What would it take to love your body?” I would have replied, “A miracle or a new body”. Back then I believed a new body would have been the miracle I’d been waiting for.

In those days my mind was focused on my flaws rather than my strengths. In fact, my brain had become so ‘wired’ to focus on what was ‘wrong’ with me that I literally couldn’t see any strengths at all.  If someone complimented me, I would reject the compliment immediately.  My inner critic would whisper incessantly in my head like a silent assassin “You’ve got to be kidding, they need new glasses.” That inner assassin would continue:

“I’m huge or I’m useless” It would yell.

“I’m a failure or there’s no point” It would mutter.

“I can’t or I shouldn’t,” It would affirm.

What I now know after years of studying the mind is that every unhelpful train of thought I uttered, then wired with every other like-minded thought I had ever had. Helpful or unhelpful, the more I focused on a sequence of thoughts; the more those thoughts were at the top of my mind. When I was focused on what was wrong with me, the more I was able to see what was wrong with me. The problem with that was, for many years that was then all I could see.

  • When you focus on your perceived flaws
  • If you feel uncomfortable in your body and continually compare it to others
  • When you convince yourself that others are better, happier or more worthy
  • If you believe that you’ll never succeed at keeping weight off
  • When you focus your attention on ‘have to’, ‘should do’, ‘can’t do’ or ‘the problem is’

Then You wire your brain for more of that…

Likeminded thoughts (neural connections firing) that fire together will actually wire together.

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Just like a brillo pad of 1000’s of tangled wires. The more you allow your mind to focus on a certain sequence of thoughts, the more you ‘hardwire’ those thoughts and they become what you then call your ‘beliefs’.

Your brain becomes ‘comfortable’ playing what I call the “blueprint” or “map” that it’s been playing for years. That blueprint of neural connections wired together continues to fire on autopilot. The ensuing thoughts, emotional reactions and sensations essentially become the map of who you think you are.

Here’s the thing…

The blueprint or map isn’t necessarily true; it’s just the AUDIO (wiring) your brain is used to playing, like a broken record on auto-repeat.

You have a special gift

You have a brain that can change. It’s malleable, pliable, trainable, and adaptable… and it’s yours!

Your brain is simply a magnificent ‘engine’ and your mind is the engine driver. Start using these simple ideas that follow to begin to retrain your brain for a healthier, happier inner image and learn how to like and love your body, even while it moves towards health.Chapter 2 Image 2 Mind Rehearsal

  • When you see your reflection in a mirror or imagine your body in your mind, I challenge you to look at yourself as a complete person, not as a collection of body parts that you judge individually.
  • Write a list of 10 things you like about yourself and your body. I know you can think of plenty of things you don’t like, I challenge you to write down and focus for 2 minutes each day on what you do like.
  • Change ‘have to’s’ and ‘should do’s’ to ‘I CHOOSE TO’ or ‘I GET TO’. I call this changing resistance language to inspired action language. Resistance language triggers your brain to produce neuro-chemicals that stimulate sensations and emotions to mirror the rebellion you felt as a child when you didn’t like being told what to do. Whereas inspired action language triggers your brain to produce neuro-chemicals that stimulate excitement and even a sense of freedom to take action. Your developing brain as a child was hardwired to like it when you ‘get to go on holiday’ or ‘get to have the day off school’. You would feel rebellion and resistance automatically when told ‘You have to go to school’ or ‘You must do your homework.’
  • Focus your attention on “I get to go for a walk” or “I choose to have the healthy option”. “I get to gain health” or “I choose to look after myself.” Motivation comes naturally to you when you use ‘get to and choose to’ language.
  • If you catch yourself judging you, your body or your current habits with food or portion sizes, then become an Emotional Eating Detective. Commit to the Detectives’ gift of curiosity. Become mindful of your decisions by asking yourself questions curiously like ‘How much food is too much?’ or ‘Why do I eat when I am stressed?” “Why do I eat when I am bored?” and even “Why do I feel out of control when I eat?” When we remove judgement, we can curiously and mindfully detach from the impulse to do these habits and reduce the intensity of the urge. It will help you learn compassion for yourself and your body too. These habits are simply learned wiring and you can unlearn these habits and retrain your brain with different impulses.
  • Use my BRAIN TRAINING RECIPE™ (below) to begin the process of rewiring your brain with a new blueprint to stimulate a life enhancing neuro-chemical response when you think about you and your body.


Release Inner Critic Judgement
by Maggie Wilde

Rub or tap on the fingertips and thumb, ending with the karate chop point as you say:

This judgment about my body,

There it is, that’s not me

There it is I feel it here … (State where you experience a reaction)

It feels like …  (state what the sensation is e.g. tight, lump, knot, urgent)
That’s not me, that’s simply wiring, I choose to switch that judgment off

Tap or rub on these points as you say the corresponding statement

Inside eye by the bridge of the nose: This judgement
Outside eye: That judgment 
Under eye: I choose to switch if off
Under nose: That judgment of my body
Crease of Chin: Just old wiring
Chest point: I get to switch it off

Tap or rub on each finger and thumb again ending on the Karate Chop as you repeat these statements:

Enough is enough, the past is the past
It’s simply old wiring; I choose to switch it off
I choose to rewire my brain to love and accept my body
I forgive myself for judging in the past
I knew what I knew back then

I know differently now
It’s happened, its over, I switch it off
That’s not me, that’s simply wiring
I switch that wiring off
I feel calm, I feel good…I am in control
Stronger every day
I am in control
The past is the past, I let it go
I release anyone who judged me too
I release them from the need for an apology
Enough is enough, the past is the past

Then as you breathe in and out three times say:

I let it go….
I acknowledge my strengths
I have permission to love and accept my body

Assess how you feel and if you need to repeat the process, do so now

Begin rewiring the engine that is your brain today…train your brain to help you love and accept your body.

Unleashing Your Potential

Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

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