The Cookie Cuddle

By Maggie Wilde – the Potentialist

One of the most common questions I get asked by clients and readers around the world is:

“How did I develop unhelpful emotional eating habits?”

As I get so many people asking me this question, I figured the easiest way to answer it was to record one of  the simplest explanations and share it here. There are many ways our brain learns new habits and stress reactions and I hope this provides a little clarity for you on one of the ways your brain may have learned to connect emotions and food.

I hope also, it helps to understand it’s not your fault your brain learned to connect emotions and food as a solution to manage stressful situation… however once you understand it’s all just wiring… you can begin to learn how to rewire and reprogram the ones that stop you from achieving what you want now.My Unzip Weight 12 week CPR Brain Training Program provides a step-by-step solution and if you’d like to know more go to Unzip Weight Program

For now, here’s the Cookie Cuddle concept.

If you’d like to know more or how to overcome these challenges drop me a line or go to the Unzip Weight site.

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