Switch off Belly Fat Hormone

Brain Training Recipe to Manage Overwhelm

By Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

Overcome Overwhelm and Switch off Belly Fat Hormone

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have developed ‘autopilot’ responses for coping with stress and overwhelm. The challenge is that more than 75% of us have developed methods that involve emotional eating habits and activate the stress response which increases the ‘belly fat’ hormone, cortisol.

When the stress response is active, our body is in the fight and flight response producing way too much cortisol (belly fat hormone). This means that stubborn weight issues and yo-yo dieting habits can then lead to even more stress.

Often the learned default response to stress and overwhelm is to become trapped in a cycle of emotional eating, snacking our way through stressful times and then blaming and shaming ourselves for doing so.

When stressed, your digestive system does not function optimally. If you’ve developed unhelpful default responses such as:

  • “I’ll feel better after an extra piece of cake” or
  • “A glass of wine will wind me down after work” or
  • “I need that chocolate bar to cope today” or even…
  • “I’ll deal with that stress later …”, and never do…

then that cycle eventually spirals out of control affecting health, weight, emotional stability and confidence.

If boredom, comfort, social, reward or even blame and shame hunger has become your default stress response then try our latest Brain Training Recipe™ to help Overcome Overwhelm (accumulated stress).

My Brain Training Recipes help you switch off cravings and emotional hungers… not to mention de-activating ‘belly fat hormone’ too.

Try this Brain Training Recipe to:

Overcome Overwhelm

Switch off belly fat hormone and make it easier to reach health goals.



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