Silence the Inner Critic & Sabotage

Includes Brain Training Strategies)

By Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

What is the thing that most of us have, the majority of us don’t want and nearly everyone who has one, wishes they didn’t?

What is this thing? A niggling and often noisy inner critic.

For some people their critic whispers occasional messages of self-doubt that can mostly be ignored or pushed away. For others their inner critic only activates in order to react to triggers that threaten their perceived ‘comfort zone’. It stimulates sabotaging thoughts, unhelpful emotional responses or habits to ‘protect’ us from the potential of failure or rejection. Often resulting however, in keeping our minds focused on what’s wrong with us instead of what’s right.

For others that saboteur critic is loud, obnoxious, relentless and persistent. Masquerading as the ‘voice of reason’ with a subconscious default program that is in place to protect us from all perceived risks, but in fact keeps us stuck and treading water when we’d rather be moving forward and embracing life.

As the previous ‘Sabotage Queen’, I openly admit I was the master. For the first 3 decades of my life, I sabotaged my health, my career, my finances and my relationships. I couldn’t have been operating that sabotage program or inner critic voice any louder or any stronger than I did. I would get a promotion and a raise and find an excuse to resign from the job. I created arguments in relationships where there were none, I’d use food and cigarettes as my comfort, and then blame and shame myself as a result. On a good day I’d promise myself I’d do something get back on track, and then guess what? I’d sabotage my attempts to get back on track too.

Nothing changed until at 39 years of age, I got hit by a steamroller called a stroke.

Prior to the stroke I had already been working as a therapist and had dabbled as an author but had always found ways to sabotage that success. After the stroke I decided to focus on understanding how the work I had been doing in my clinics prior had succeeded. I studied the brain, Neuro science, neuroplasticity, metaphysics, epigenetics and the immune system, I learned how our stem cells functioned and regenerated our body. I became completely focused on how to develop the work I had been doing, and how to make it work better so I could put my brain and my body back together.

This time however, I was aiming for a slightly different version of me. I trained my brain using these strategies to ‘feed’ the wiring that had created the parts of me that were helpful, like the strengths, humor and wisdom. However if I was to sustain this healthier, repaired version of me, I had to stop feeding the parts of my brain that had been wired to sabotage and harm my health and success. It was indeed just like that, a rebirth only this time I was ‘born’ with programming that allowed me confidence, sustainable focus and energy, health self love and self acceptance.

I developed a number of brain training strategies and audio systems to help me CONTROL unhelpful thinking patterns and reactions, while I PROGRAMMED healthier foundations of thinking and emotional reactions. Then REWIRED the part of the brain that operates the default wiring such as instinct and learned habits and protective mechanisms. The results gave me my life back and I’ve been working with thousands of clients since.

If you have a battle in your head with inner critic thinking, habits or sabotaging behaviors and emotional reactions, then use some of my Brain Training Recipes and Strategies to get yourself back on track:

  1. Become a ‘Emotional Eating and Sabotage Detective’. Be curious about unhelpful patterns at play. No longer feed them by adding energy to them. By ‘blaming and shaming’ yourself for sabotaging reactions you feed the wiring. Be curious, observe the habit or the inner critic thinking or sabotage pattern then learn strategies to ‘switch off’ the wiring in your brain causing ‘inner critic’ blame, shame, resistance and self doubt’.
    • There are simple techniques called pattern interruptions that switch off the ‘electrical impulses’ that stimulate neural pathways to fire. One of them is to take a deep breath, close your eyes and roll the eyes up to the left and then to the right x 3. Then roll both eyes in a big circle clockwise then anti-clockwise. Take three deep breaths and as you breath out you say, “Enough is enough, I switch it off.”

  1. Mind Rehearse how you want to respond to triggers differently. Playact and pretend for a minimum of 68 seconds the outcome you would prefer. Activate all of your senses as you do this. By doing this you are laying a new ‘memory’ down in the brain. (New neural connections). Now you just need to feed that memory by mind rehearsing it again and again, till it becomes a new ‘habit’ or default response.

  1. “That’s Not Me”. Every time you catch yourself in ‘inner critic’ thinking patterns, smile. Break the pattern by changing your response. Step 1: Smile. Step 2: Say to yourself “That’s not me, that’s’ simply learned wiring in my brain playing like broken record”. Step 3: Repeat: “Enough is enough’.

  1. Prioritize “Miraculous Movement”. Moving your body in a short burst of raw focused energy and vitality, making sure you are raising the heart rate for a 2-3 minutes a 2-3 times each day. When we move our body and increase our heart rate we produce a chemical response in the brain. We release BDNF (Brain derived neurotropic factor). BDNF’s nickname in scientific realms is ‘Miracle Gro’. It has even been called ‘fertilizer’ for the brain. We learn faster and create better chemical responses when Miracle Gro is present. Make the movement fun, even dancing or sex could indeed make you smarter, wiser and more successful.

It’s time to Unleash Your Potential

Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

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