About The Unzip Weight Reduction Program...

This 12 week program is designed to train your brain to help you release weight and reprogram a healthy blueprint for your ideal weight, shape and size.

This program is for you if you're ready to:

  • STOP obsessing about food and weight,
  • STOP struggling to ‘lose’ weight and finally release it easily and permanently,
  • STOP doubting yourself around food,
  • STOP judging who you see in the mirror,
  • STOP feeling uncomfortable in clothes and be able to wear what you want,
  • STOP fearing that you’ll fail again, and
  • STOP yo you dieting forever!

Re-train your brain so you can feel joy in your life again with the Unzip Weight CPR Brain Training Technology.

This step by step brain training audio and video system will re-set your blueprint for your ideal health, shape and size.

The 12 week Unzip Weight Reduction program includes:

  • 12 Week C P R Brain Training™ - one each week.
  • Over 36 downloadable audios and videos to rewire you mind to change your body permanently.
  • An easy to follow step by step process - simply click and play each day's C P R Kit video or audio and enjoy as your brain does the work for you.
  • Life time access - you can download all the recordings and/or access them on online, for life.
  • BONUS # 1 - Support group to provide the essential guidance you'll need to make this the change you've always wanted.
  • BONUS # 2 - Stress Management and other bonus brain training recipes.
  • BONUS # 3 - Stop Self-Sabotage Bonus CPR Pack

Total Program Value - $3,594


If you're sick of the dieting cycle, yo-yoing weight and eating habits...

If you wish you could achieve a healthy body weight and never have to diet again...

Then this is the simplest program for you.

You receive the complete set of over 36 C P R Brain Training Audio and Video Therapies.

(C P R = Control, Program and Rewire your habits)

These Brain Training Therapies are a step by step habit rewiring process to help you create a new blueprint of your ideal weight, shape and size. You simply download each week's C P R Brain Training Kit and click and play. The easiest thing you've ever done. You can train your brain to help you slim down even while you're sleeping.

...because if you want to change your body permanently, you also have to change your mind.

Best Value

1 Payment of $599

Flexible Option

3 Payments of $239

You can do what Joanna, Wendy, Tracy, Melissa, Frank, Trish, and thousands of others have already done

Joanna reduced over 40 kgs (88 pounds)

Joanna had struggled with weight and emotional eating all her life. In her early 30's she had always felt that her only choice for fashion for someone her size was to wear things that were for a much older woman. She had always wanted to dress in clothes for women her own age. She now does and her body confidence is a joy to see.

Wendy found happiness again & is pain free

Wendy is ecstatic with the new found lease on life and health since she overcame the food habits and emotional eating issues. One of her greatest benefits, she lost 18 kgs (nearly 40 pounds). Pain in her body that she used to experience is gone. She feels healthy and her mood has lifted tremendously, with happiness being easier to find nowadays.

Tracy has motivation for life again

Emotional eating for Tracey had been a challenge for most of her life. "I've got space in my head for so much more in life now." she says.  As a direct benefit, Tracey now loves moving her body and has lost 18 kgs (nearly 40 pounds).

Frank has his energy for life back

Frank and his wife Rebecca wanted to manage the food challenges and emotional eating patterns they were experiencing as a family. Issues such as stress eating and boredom eating had always been a challenge. Both Frank and his wife have lost more weight than they'd ever hoped for and have their energy and balance for life back.

Trish is half the size and twice the woman

Trish used the CPR Strategies to overcome multiple addictions to emotional, stress, boredom eating. Eating for Trish had become a way to numb the world and push people away. She had gained and lost huge amounts of weight numerous times, but the battle in her head had never been solved till now. Trish has now dropped over 170 pounds and works with Maggie Wilde mentoring others on how to stop the battle in their head with food and their body.

Haven't you suffered with the battle against unhelpful eating habits and yo-yoing weight long enough?
If you're ready to change your body and your life permanently, join the thousands of other happy and successful clients all over the world have already transformed their lives using the CPR Strategies.

Choose The Plan That's Right For You

Best Value

1 Payment of $599

Flexible Option

3 Payments of $239

Program Author and Presenter...

Maggie Wilde is an international award winning author, therapist and mentor specializing in brain training programs to stop unhelpful habits, sabotage patterns, build confidence, manage stress, and reprogram the mind body connection to create health. Her client's around the world are supported by her dynamic training, therapeutic skills and her unique CPR Mind Potential Brain Training Audio Kits.

Maggie is a sought after industry expert who is regularly featured on television, radio and print media.

She has  appeared on Sunrise (Ch 7), A Current Affair (Ch 9), The Daily Edition (Ch 7), San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, Ch 10 News, Woman's Day, London Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Good Health Magazine, Women's Health & Fitness and many further publications and programs.