In Two Minds

The Battle with Self-Sabotage

By Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

Consider the following scenario.. does it sound familiar?

You’re finally ready to lose weight! You set the date and decide on a ‘dieting’ plan

You have a last ‘hoorah’ the night before and think “this will be the last time and that’s it, I’ll be good from now on …”

You commit to exercising, eating right, saying no to dessert, leaving second helpings to others and proudly resist the chocolates tempting you at the office 

All goes well for the first day or three …

Then something happens…

The Devil made me do itThe cookie, chip or chocoholic monster starts to ‘nibble at your confidence…

The battle begins…  you’re in two minds..  “Will I or won’t I have that extra glass of wine or choose those chips? Can I really be bothered to drag myself to the gym after work?” 

Your mind rambles on and you’re starting to think you were never in control… “It’s been a tough day…just this once. I’ve been good…”

Then something else happens…

You find yourself standing in front of the pantry or fridge staring at the contents not knowing what you want but sure you’ll find it there. You know you’re sabotaging by eating your emotions but you rationalize it and eat your way through an entire box of crackers or devour the chocolate bar anyway …

There it is…

The sabotage monkey is in your ear, on your back and leaving tangible crumbs of guilt and shame in your gut now too…

The battle in your head is on yet again…Your inner critic rambles on “You’ve blown it now. What’s the point…just give up and face the truth… you’ll never get this weight off?”

You go to bed feeling defeated… 

But then something happens; you remember you have two choices…

You KNOW you’ve been eating your emotions and your choices are:

  1. Do what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always got then stew on regret, blame and shame. Give up on your plan and decide you have even more proof that you’ll never succeed
  2. You remember emotional eating is only old reactive ‘wiring’ in your brain so you decide to do something different...

Next time ‘something happens’, you decide to try something different to switch that wiring off. Even if the ramblings of doubt or rebellious inner critic surface again you decide, ‘I’ve got nothing to lose I’ll give this a go’. 

You repeat to yourself… 


So you try my BRAIN TRAINING RECIPE (below)


Rub or tap on each thumb and fingertip and the karate chop point as you say: 

That craving or sabotage

There it is, that’s not me

That’s just old wiring

I feel it here … (take note of wherever the sensation or thought is)

It feels like this (state what it feels like e.g. tight, urgent etc)

I choose to switch that wiring off

Tap or rub on these points as you say the corresponding statement

Inside eye by the bridge of the noseThis sensation

Outside eye: I feel it here… (state where)

Under eye: It feels like…. (state what the sensation is)

Under nose: That craving and sabotage

Crease of ChinEmotional eating is just wiring

Chest point again: I switch it off

Tap or rub again on each fingertip and thumb and end with the Karate Chop as you say:

Enough is enough, the past is the past

It’s only old wiring; I choose to switch it off

Emotions have nothing to do with food

I forgive myself for eating my emotions

I know differently now

I forgive myself for sabotaging my success

I know differently now

It’s happened, its over, I switch it off

I disconnect emotions and food

That’s not me

I feel calm, I feel good…I am in control

Stronger every day, I am in control

Then as you breathe out:

I switch that wiring off, I let it go….

Assess how you feel after this and if you need to do it again do so now or use it to switch off other sabotage cravings.


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