Our mission is to help you rewire your mind to overcome the battle in your head with food and body confidence. To stop the inner critic and create space in your mind for motivation and joy!

The team that makes this all happen...

Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist

Maggie is an international award winning author, therapist and mentor specializing in brain training programs to stop unhelpful habits, sabotage patterns, build confidence, manage stress and reprogram the mind body connection to create health. Her client's around the world are supported by her dynamic training, therapeutic skills and her unique CPR Mind Potential Brain Training Audio Kits.

Maggie is a sought after industry expert who is regularly featured on television, radio and print media. She has appeared on Sunrise (Ch 7), A Current Affair (Ch 9), The Daily Edition (Ch 7), San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, Ch 10 News, Woman's Day, London Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Good Health Magazine, Women's Health & Fitness and many further publications and programs.

Trish Walker - Potentialist Mentor & Client Support

Trish Walker has conquered this battle herself using Maggie's Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind Program. Trish had almost given up hope of ever finding a solution to the sabotage patterns that plagued her with food and emotional addictions to eating. She has now lost over 176 pounds (80 kgs) in total and is less than half her original size.

Trish learned to rewire her mind to support her in healthy ways. She has won the battle and now has body confidence and motivation. She is an amazing Mentor to the client's in Maggie's programs. She understands the challenges to be faced and knows the courage required to rewire and reprogram the mind and body to be slim and healthy permanently.

Some of our raving fans...

Joanna reduces 40 kgs (88 pounds)

Joanna had struggled with weight and emotional eating all her life. In her early 30's she had always felt that her only choice for fashion for someone her size was to wear things that were for a much older woman. She had always wanted to dress in clothes for women her own age. She now does and her body confidence is a joy to see.

Wendy found happiness again & is pain free

Wendy is ecstatic with the new found lease on life and health since she overcame the food habits and emotional eating issues. One of her greatest benefits, she lost 18 kgs (nearly 40 pounds). Pain in her body that she used to experience is gone and she feels healthy and her mood has lifted tremendously, with happiness being easier to find nowadays.

Tracy has motivation for life again

Emotional eating for Tracey had been a challenge for most of her life. "I've got space in my head for so much more in life now." she says.  As a direct benefit, Tracey now loves moving her body and has lost 18 kgs (nearly 40 pounds).

Frank has his energy for life back

Frank and his wife Rebecca both joined the program to manage the food challenges and emotional eating patterns they were experiencing as a family. Issues such as stress eating and boredom eating had always been an issue. Both Frank and his wife have lost more weight than they'd ever hoped and have their energy and balance for life back.

Trish is half the size and twice the woman

Trish used the program to overcome multiple addictions to emotional, stress, boredom eating. Eating for Trish had become a way to numb the world and push people away. She had gained and lost huge amounts of weight numerous times, but the battle in her head had never been solved till now. Trish has now dropped over 170 pounds and works with Maggie Wilde mentoring others on how to stop the battle in their head with food and their body.